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Contact Info

Contact: Robin Hill
The Hill House
8840 Egg Farm Lane
Kenwood, CA 95452
Phone: (707) 833-1157

Business Office:
1037 Third Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

postheadericon Services for Seniors—All the amenities of life

Senior residents in our residential care, in the center of Sonoma county, are treated with lots of dignity and respect. We assist in toiletries, dressing, and all services are designed to enhance the resident's quality of life.

This means that residents in our assisted living program can enjoy an enriched living experience free from difficult tasks and chores.

Residents and their families can sleep comfortably knowing that our resident managers live on the premises.

Our dining room ambience fosters the pleasures of independent living in a rustic setting.

We carefully prepare and serve three nutritious meals and snacks daily and serve our residents' favorite foods.

Resident's family members are welcomed to dine at The Hill House, and partake in other supplied amenities.

postheadericonPersonalized Program of Senior Care

Our senior care staff works closely with residents to design a personalized program of residential care which will allow you to live independently while receiving the daily assistance you require.

Moreover, we encourage our residents to pursue a wide range of leisure, intellectual, and cultural opportunities. No matter what your needs, the level of caring is our highest priority.