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Contact Info

Contact: Robin Hill
The Hill House
8840 Egg Farm Lane
Kenwood, CA 95452
Phone: (707) 833-1157

Business Office:
1037 Third Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

postheadericonMessage from Robin Hill, the Hill House’s builder and proprietor

As a typical California kid, I found myself responsible for taking care of two mothers and a step-father.

After asking my elderly mother what she wanted most in a home care facility, she told me that she wanted to live in a home with a large porch. And she wanted it to be like "The Golden Girls" on TV.

She didn't want small bedrooms and big halls.

Both of my mothers were avid gardeners so it was very important that we have a beautiful flower garden.

Now we have over 200 rose plants and a very large vegetable garden that provides us with beautiful, beautiful vegetables in the fall and fresh strawberries all summer long. We have a beautiful paved path six hundred feet long going through all my gardens.

We have a beautiful, big lawn just perfect for children and grandchildren to play on. We have a small putting green, as well. We want The Hill House to be a home that we all own and are proud to be part of.

We feel companionship is important, and with our laughter, we do have our "Golden Girl" moments.

My step-father spent four of his best years here, and all of our guests are making up for the mothers that didn't get to stay here.

By being able to build a care facility from the ground up I was able to build a home instead of an institution that all our residents are proud of and are happy, feeling that their families have given them only the best.

We try to our residents feel like they own this place, so they are proud to invites friends and family to visit. I never would have thought that Home Care would be the business that would reward me so much.

I feel proud to be in the Home Care business with a "hands on" relationship with people who just want to be listened to. Everyone has their story, and I love to listen to them.